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REIGN is a premium gaming community, or "guild," comprised of casual and core gamers who have come together to play various online games together, most notably of which Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic
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World of Warcraft
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About Us

About Us


Star Wars: The Old Republic
 Server: JUNG MA (North American, East Coast, Roleplaying Player-vs-Player)
 Faction: Sith Empire, Galactic Republic ("Redemption")
 Leader(s): Shockum
 Officer(s): Gennie, DarkLordIce
 Roster/Class Distribution: [Click to View]

World of Warcraft
 Server: Tichondrius
 Faction: Horde
 Leader(s): DarkLordIce, Krios
 Officer(s): Kelec




REIGN was first established in 2010 by a group of veteran gamers who previously helped build guilds for other games. Over the past years these members have developed strong friendships and bonds with one another which have lasted the test of time. We have applied everything we've learned from our previous experiences to improve every aspect of how this guild operates. The result is a fine-tuned environment whereby fun is the focus and all the administrative and political nonsense that so many other guilds succumb to is eliminated.



REIGN is a casual/core-friendly, role-playing-lite guild that focuses on establishing a commmunity that:

  • Is intent on building long-lasting friendships;
  • Is as reasonably drama-free as humanly possible; and
  • Places a great emphasis on the quality of our community over quantity.

We strive to eliminate the ideals associated with mega-guilds where members are nothing more than a number, forced to do things like specialize their class a certain way to simply fill a niche, and complicated bureaucracies or misappropriation of priorities can get in the way of enjoying the game and the guild. Our intention is to place fun as our first and foremost priority.



We focus on all aspects of the games we play; Player-vs-Environment ("PvE"), Player-vs-Player ("PvP") and Role-playing ("RP"), providing attention and the necessary tools and leadership to facilitate activities in each one. You can participate in any facet as much or as little as you like.




REIGN's leadership team, known internally as "Sovereigns" (Guild Masters) and "Overlords" (Officers) are just that... a TEAM. We do not subscribe to dictatorship philosophies where all the power resides in any one person. While it may work for some, our vast experience in leading and playing in guilds (with some of the leadership team members having over a decade of experience in leading online gaming communities) has taught us that such structures are prone to failure and lead to drama, dissent and possible divisions.

Our structure acts as a series of checks and balances, whereby all decisions that affect the guild as a whole are vetted internally and viewed from all possible angles to make sure the decision is in the best interest of the guild.



REIGN implements a well-organized structure that provides an adequate and easy-to-understand support system capable of handling all guild matters in a reasonably timely manner. Here is an organizational chart of REIGN's rank structure which displays the rank paths and emblems for each tier:

Traditional Rank Name REIGN Rank Emblem/Name
Guild Master Sovereign
Officers Overlord
Moderators/Admins Dark Councilor
Dark Councilor
Veteran Members Veteran Member
Veteran Member
Members Member
Recruits Hopeful

Learn more by reading our Guild Mission / Charter »

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