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REIGN is a premium gaming community, or "guild," comprised of casual and core gamers who have come together to play various online games together, most notably of which Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft.
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REIGN is a casual/core & role-playing friendly guild primarily conceived to play together in EA/Bioware's MMORPG - Star Wars: The Old Republic ("SWTOR"), although many members play together under the REIGN banner in other games as well. Our first and foremost objective is to create a fun, yet mature environment for adults (17+) filled with exciting events, competition and above all friendships.

We also set out to destroy the stereotypical "mega-guild" model whereby players are impersonal entities that only exist as a digital representation of the true human being them. Our recruitment and application process ensures that we only select people of the highest quality as it pertains to being a contributor to our community. In that sense, every member is active, recognizable and therefore helps boister a more personal guild experience.

We strongly believe that the responsibility of running an effective and successful guild should not rest on the shoulders of any one person, nor should the decisions made that affect all its members be left solely to one favored group to benefit only themselves. We view each and every member as an asset to the guild and we strive to never let our members feel like they're just another cog in the wheel. It's your time investment, which can be invaluable, and without our members the guild would be nothing. At the end of the day we seek to provide our members with a mature and rich gaming experience while building lasting friendships with one another.

We have a zero tolerance policy for drama. Whenever an issue presents itself, our experienced leadership takes swift action to come to a resolution. Our members can enjoy themselves knowing that we have processes in place to avoid drama as much as reasonably possible.



REIGN understands the importance of real life responsibilities. Many of our members have careers, families, and other real-life obligations that may take time away from the forums or playing games. That's perfectly fine with us! We will NEVER require you to spend X number of hours playing, or attend X number of raids, and so on. All we ask is a reasonable expectation up front of yor perceived commitment to the guild so we can get a picture of you as a player and contributor to our community.

While REIGN promises a casual-friendly environment, we also want to ensure that respect is mutually provided to those who can devote considerably more time to the guild and the game and might be deemed "hardcore." As previously stated, we have members from all walks of life and this includes those who have circumstances in which they are afforded ample time to play and hang out within this community. This is also perfectly acceptable and we are welcoming of such individuals.

All we ask is that everyone respect each other's gaming habits. It is not anyone's place to pass judgement on another through what limited information they may garner about a person through their interactions online. Everyone is welcome to play at their own pace, no matter how brisk or how casual.



REIGN is self-defined as "Roleplaying-Lite." What this means is that we completely respect and support anyone who wishes to RP as they desire. However, we do not force anyone to RP or uphold rigid standards by which RP must be conducted (unless it is done so within a formally hosted RP event and the nature of the event calls for such standards).

RP is one of those types of things that is self-governing. It's a player-driven endeavor and as such we ask that our members be self-governing in regards to their RP activities.

The only rule we do enforce is that of naming your character. We do want to immerse ourselves int the game universes we play in. Therefore, we ask that our members create unique and lore-friendly names. Please see our Character Naming Policy for more information.



REIGN takes it's community VERY seriously. As such, our recruitment and application policies reflect how we vet each member to ensure they fit with our ideals and philosophies. We're not exclusive, meaning we don't hold a process akin to a job interview, but there are some processes we maintain to ensure a quality community. Please review our Recruitment Policy and Application Process for additional information.



Please see our Code of Conduct for a complete list of the general rules/guidelines of the guild. Bear in mind that our foremost priority is to have fun and we don't wish to bog down the guild with complicated rules and things, but this Code of Conduct serves as a general guideline to let our members know what is expected of them. Most of these guidelines are common sense, but having them documented allows us to make sure we're all on the same page as to what's expected.

Learn more by seeing a list of our formal policies »

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