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REIGN is a premium gaming community, or "guild," comprised of casual and core gamers who have come together to play various online games together, most notably of which Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft.
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Activity Policy

Activity Policy

REIGN maintains a casual activity policy to ensure everyone is a contributing part of our community. We are a casual-friendly group, meaning that we do not demand you to be online 24/7 or attend every single planned guild event, but we do expect that everyone maintains a reasonable level of activity and has a presence within our community. This goes for both in- and out-of-game (our forums namely). We are NOT in the business of being a "zerg" guild, artifically inflating our numbers to look intimidating or allowing the quality of our community to be diminished by having people join up only to disappear for weeks or months at a time. This policy is not meant to scare people away or make them feel like being in the guild is akin to a job, but friendships are difficult to establish if we were to allow people to vanish on us, which is not in our interest.

REIGN has two general activity guidelines:

  • General Activity Requirements; and
  • Forum Posting Requirements

Each facet of our Activity Policy is defined below.


General Activity Requirements

REIGN defines "activity" as making a solid effort to be a part of our community. This includes actively posting within our forums, chatting with fellow guild members in our website chat, playing games with one another, and/or chatting with others on our VOIP server.

"AFK" (away from keyboard), a term used within many of the policies listed below, is the acronym we use to describe periods of inactivity; the time in which a member does not or is unable to visit and post in the forums, play games with others, chat with fellow guild members, etc...

The general activity requirement varies by rank/level of responsibility within the guild as follows:

  • Sovereigns - The Sovereigns are held accountable to activity guidelines just as everyone else but even more so due to the nature of the types of things a Sovereign might have to deal with at any given time. Any Sovereign that goes AFK for more than 5 days without prior notice in the AFK section will be demoted to Overlord.
  • Overlords - Like the Sovereigns, Overlords must also be readily available to field issues/questions and display a high level of activity. Any Overlord that goes AFK for more than 7 days without prior notice in the AFK section will be demoted to Veteran Member.
  • Dark Councilors & Veteran Members - Veteran Members hold an iconic position within the guild that was earned because of the member's contributions and activity levels. If a Veteran Member goes AFK for more than 10 days without prior notice in the AFK section then they are no longer considered to be deserving of this stature and will be demoted to regular Member.
  • Regular members - Regular Members are the lifeblood of the guild, but they may not have responsibilities to fulfill on a regular basis that requires devout attention to the forums or elsewhere. Their main responsibility is to be active, contribute to the overall atmosphere and befriend each other to help establish the tight knit community that we strive to be. Any Member that goes AFK for more than 14 days without prior notice in the AFK section will be removed from the guild.

Note that trial applicants (Hopefuls) are not listed above as they are only at said rank for two weeks before their fate is determined as to whether or not they become a full regular member.


Forum Posting Requirements

As a guild focused on building and maintaining a quality community, in-game AND forums activity COMBINED is paramount. We do not require everyone to be an in-game or a forum "warrior," but a reasonable presence in the game and on the forums is expected. After all, the primary reason to join a guild like ours is to be a part of the community.

Every single member, regardless of rank and who has not posted in the AFK section is encouraged to make at least one (1) post per week in the forums. Many of our members average 20+ posts a day, so asking for one a week is extremely minimal, but it's a good way to at least get your name spread into the community and allows for others to engage in conversation with you.

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