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REIGN is a premium gaming community, or "guild," comprised of casual and core gamers who have come together to play various online games together, most notably of which Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

REIGN is a well-respected guild within the gaming community and we expect a certain level of maturity and professionalism to be exhibited by our members both in- and out-of-game in order to maintain our reputation. To help provide an understanding of the basic behaviors expected of our members, please refer to the following:

  1. Keep communications appropriate.
    REIGN is comprised of a very diverse group of individuals. Something you may personally find humorous or entertaining may be offensive to someone else. As such, please obey the following rules in regards to posting content on our forums or when making comments to other guild members (in a public medium):

    • No religion
    • No politics
    • No ethnic jokes
    • No pornography
    • No full frontal nudity
    • Respect other members and guests

    To report a post or comment that may contain inappropriate content, please privately message a Sovereign, Overlord or Dark Councilor. Do NOT instigate drama by calling out the postor comment publicly either on the forums or in guild chat in-game.

    If you do wish to post something in the forums that you would like to share but think that it may contain mature or adult content (so long as it doesn't violate the explicit rules mentioned above), please do so in the Off-Topic/Mature Content/Adult Humor section in our forums. (Note that this section is private and only accessible by full members of REIGN and those designated as Affiliates.)

  2. Do not post links to illegal warez/torrents/etc.
    REIGN does not condone the sharing of pirated software. You are not permitted to knowingly post links to websites that may contain illegally obtained software, cd-keys, cracks, keygens, and so on within our forums. Doing so could result in a warning or expulsion from the guild, depending on the severity of the offense and/or your history of disciplinary action.

  3. Respect your fellow guild mates.
    Harassment or discrimination of any kind, whether based on age, color, race, gender, belief, physical or mental disability, ethnicity, physical appearance, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or any other basis is STRICTLY prohibited. Members who make offensive or discriminatory remarks to another member will be issued an official warning and asked to apologize. Failure to do so may result in expulsion. A second offense will result in automatic expulsion from the guild. There will be NO statute of limitations between prior official warnings. If the offense was incredibly severe, the offender may be immediately terminated from the guild without warning.

    To report any such issues, please privately message a Sovereign, Overlord or Dark Councilor.

  4. Respect other gamers.
    Just because someone else is being a jerk or acting inappropriately whether in-game or elsewhere does not give you the right to return the action back to them. However, you have every right to place said person on ignore, drop groups, or group kick them in such instances. We do not condone acts of repeated ganking, camping or otherwise participating in acts that detract from the enjoyment of the game for others. We do not discourage PvP, quite the opposite actually, but there's no reason to consistently engage those who cannot defend themselves.

  5. Remember that this is a roleplaying-friendly guild and respect the RP efforts of others.
    While you will not be forced to RP, please do not ruin anyone else's RP experience. Feel free to join in all the RP you want, but bear in mind that just because we are an RP-friendly guild does not mean we tolerate lude/explicit RP in guild chat or here on the forums. What you decide to do in tells or through other private means is your business. Please keep it that way.

  6. Please use discretion when airing grievances.
    Public guild chat on the forums or in-game is not the place to be airing your grievances with another member, nor is open VOIP channels. If you have a problem, please take it to PM's or in-game tells. If needed, notify an officer to help mediate the situation.

  7. Please use common etiquette in our VOIP server.
    If someone else is talking, please do not try to talk over them. During organized guild events, such as raids, PvP, etc... only those designated should be talking in order to coordinate people. Social events are a different story and open chat is encouraged.

  8. Group play and guild activity is encouraged
    REIGN strongly encourages our members to team up and play together as much as possible. We encourage our members to play selflessly and as part of the team, lending a helping hand when others are in need. Solo play is fine, but we still encourage active participation in guild chat and on the forums so that everyone can contribute to the community feel of our group and get to know one another. We hope that by doing so, our members will actively want to group and play with one another.

  9. Members who leave the guild on their own accord should decide wisely because re-entry will require a new application.
    Re-entry is dependent on the circumstances by which the member departed and their previous standing in the guild. The member may be required to go through the application process depending on how long they've been away and the reasons surrounding their departure.

  10. Remember that you do not represent REIGN until accepted as a full member.
    We understand the anxiety that comes with attempting to join a group as well established as ours. However, when in your recruitment phase, remember that you are not yet a full fledged member of REIGN and therefore are not permitted to represent as such to the external community. This means that if you have a signature at another website's forums, it cannot contain the REIGN logo or tag until such time that you are accepted as a full member.

We want everyone to have fun in REIGN. These rules are not meant to limit anyone. Instead, these are to ensure everyone enjoys the guild and to preserve the good name we have established for ourselves. Penalties for breaking these rules can range from a simple warning to more severe disciplinary action depending on the nature of the incident(s). Most of these guidelines are common sense... if you wouldn't want people doing it to you then don't do it to other people.

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