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REIGN is a premium gaming community, or "guild," comprised of casual and core gamers who have come together to play various online games together, most notably of which Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft.
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Official Guild Roster - Planetside 2

Planetside 2

Note: This data is derived from REIGN's forum user profiles. It assumes that people are keeping their profiles up to date. As such, there may be many more members playing this game that are not reflected below.


Total Members Playing Planetside 2:

» 42 «



Member Name Main Class Main Character Name
Arzon Light Assault Arzon

Total Sovereigns Playing PS2: 1



Member Name Main Class Main Character Name
Krios Infiltrator

Total Overlords Playing PS2: 1


Dark Councilor
Dark Councilors

Member Name Main Class Main Character Name
Anvindr Undecided
Nerro Undecided
Pain Engineer AurraPain
Saereth Medic Saereth

Total Dark Councilors Playing PS2: 4


Veteran Member
Veteran Members

Member Name Main Class Main Character Name
Angelus Infiltrator Tanaro
Coshi Undecided
Darth Velox Nex Infiltrator Velox
DeathToNewbies Light Assault
Eka Light Assault Eka
Helvedus Engineer Helvedus
Katianna Undecided Katianna
Nihilia Medic
Thell Heavy Assault
Vakko Undecided
Zurganus Engineer Zurganus

Total Veteran Members Playing PS2: 11



Member Name Main Class Main Character Name
Humio Infiltrator Humio
Jesler Undecided Jesler
Keenen Engineer
Kosapesh Infiltrator Normandy
Lord-Vulcan Undecided
Maardvark Undecided
Myyse Infiltrator Myyse
Sadist Undecided
Serious Infiltrator
Skouros Infiltrator Skouros
Sykdom Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit (MAX) Sykdom
Zarrak Undecided

Total Members Playing PS2: 12



Member Name Main Class Main Character Name

Total Hopefuls Playing PS2: 0


Class Distribution

Class Number of Players
Engineers 7
Heavy Assault 5
Infiltrators 8
Light Assault 0
Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit (MAX) 1
Medics 3
Undecided 14
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