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REIGN is a premium gaming community, or "guild," comprised of casual and core gamers who have come together to play various online games together, most notably of which Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft.
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Official Guild Roster - Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Note: This data is derived from REIGN's forum user profiles. It assumes that people are keeping their profiles up to date. As such, there may be many more members playing this game that are not reflected below.


Total Members Playing Star Wars™: The Old Republic™:

» 201 «



Member Name Main Class Main Character Name
Shockum Bounty Hunter Shockum

Total Sovereigns Playing SWTOR: 1



Member Name Main Class Main Character Name

Total Overlords Playing SWTOR: 0


Dark Councilor
Dark Councilors

Member Name Main Class Main Character Name
Anvindr Sith Inquisitor Anvindr
Deloth Vyrr Sith Warrior Deloth Vyrr
Karisa Sith Warrior Karisa
Nerro Imperial Agent Nerro
Saereth Sith Inquisitor Saereth

Total Dark Councilors Playing SWTOR: 5


Veteran Member
Veteran Members

Member Name Main Class Main Character Name
Angelus Sith Inquisitor Angelus
Coshi Bounty Hunter Coshi
Darth Eclipter Sith Warrior Darth Eclipter
Esker Imperial Agent Esker
Helvedus Sith Inquisitor Helvedus
Kato Sith Inquisitor Kato
Nihilia Sith Inquisitor Nihilia Vess
Takhisis Imperial Agent Takhisis
Ultimablade Sith Warrior Museigen
Zurganus Imperial Agent Zurganus

Total Veteran Members Playing SWTOR: 10



Member Name Main Class Main Character Name
Aereesk Bounty Hunter Aereesk
AnimatorsPOV Imperial Agent Vampyrah
Arnaxis Sith Inquisitor Arnaxis
Azmarius Sith Warrior Azmarius
Bunny Sith Inquisitor HealBunny
Carahi Sith Inquisitor Carahi
Caraithier1 Sith Warrior caraithier
Cassus Sith Warrior Vynan
Chernobyl Bounty Hunter Contourteacha
Daphni Sith Inquisitor Daphni
Darack Sith Warrior Darack
Desslock Imperial Agent Desslock
Dusarro Sith Inquisitor Darrer
Ekhtoor Bounty Hunter Thanyt
Erik Voltavis Bounty Hunter Erik
Ermizhad Sith Inquisitor Ermizhad
Erratz Sith Inquisitor Erratz
Finishoff Sith Warrior Vindico
Garrus Imperial Agent Garrus_Trixect
Geramiah Sith Warrior Geramiah
Greighson Bounty Hunter Greighson
Gryphinn Bounty Hunter Gryphinn
HitmannD Sith Inquisitor Jodan
Humio Imperial Agent Horhey
Ishteren Sith Inquisitor Ishteren
Jakha Ulaan Sith Inquisitor Jakha
JohnnyAction Sith Warrior Johnnyactions
Kaino Bounty Hunter Kaino
Kataklyzm Sith Warrior Kataklyzm
Keenen Bounty Hunter Keenen
Khrosis Sith Warrior Khrosis
Kosef Sith Warrior Kosef
Kulhu Sith Warrior Kulhu
Kurusu Bounty Hunter Kurusu
Lionstar Sith Warrior Lionstar
Lord-Vulcan Sith Inquisitor Cass
Maardvark Jedi Knight Marus
MissaBee Bounty Hunter Kimika
Mokit Bounty Hunter Mokit
Moregan Imperial Agent Moregan
Moxy Sith Inquisitor Moxy
Myat Bounty Hunter Myat
Oprimus Sith Inquisitor Oprimus
Pavarotti Sith Inquisitor Pavarotti
Protius Imperial Agent Adyma
Qurze Sith Inquisitor Qurze
Rhaige9 Imperial Agent Rhaige
Rivenix Undecided Rivenix
Romero021 Sith Warrior Malzero
Sadist Sith Warrior Sadist
Saido Bounty Hunter Saido
Sargus Imperial Agent Sargus
Servercat Bounty Hunter Ryio
ShayLynn Sith Inquisitor
Shylirin Imperial Agent Shylirin
Skaht Sith Warrior Skaht
Soretooth Undecided Soretooth
Soulja Sith Warrior Soulja
Stacks Bounty Hunter Stacks
Stogetta Bounty Hunter Stogetta
Stonedemon Sith Inquisitor Tanque
Tolmax Sith Warrior Tolmax
Trollibo Imperial Agent Tollibo
Vastrix Sith Warrior Vastrix
Veritakus Sith Warrior Veritakus
Wystan Sith Warrior Wystan
Zeerio Imperial Agent Zeerio
Zod Sith Warrior Zod
Zyrk Sith Inquisitor Zyrk
bdock_3601 Bounty Hunter sonsho
bluecwsoldier3 Sith Inquisitor Radhili
ibaldabo Sith Inquisitor Ibaldabo
sorthous Bounty Hunter sorthous

Total Members Playing SWTOR: 73



Member Name Main Class Main Character Name
Kravin Sith Inquisitor Kravin
Plagueiss Sith Inquisitor Plagueiss

Total Hopefuls Playing SWTOR: 2


Class Distribution

Class Number of Players
Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunters
Imperial Agent
Imperial Agents
Sith Inquisitor
Sith Inquisitors
Sith Warrior
Sith Warriors
Jedi Consular
Jedi Consulars
Jedi Knight
Jedi Knights
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